What Are CBD Roll-Ons?

What are CBD Roll-Ons

CBD has been around for thousands of years, however, it has only recently taken the world by storm. It is praised for its therapeutic properties, especially in providing pain relief. CBD is an antioxidant, and its anti-inflammatory properties can help with various conditions by providing pain relief and healing sore muscles.

CBD has found its way to all kinds of products, and today I will explain everything there is to know about CBD roll-ons. I will talk about what a CBD roll-on is, whether it is safe to use, and its many benefits.


What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the two main chemical compounds extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. The other compound is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). However, unlike THC, CBD doesn’t have intoxicating properties, so it won’t get you high. CBD doesn’t appear addictive and may even counteract some of THC’s psychoactive effects.

While research on CBD oil continues, current data shows it has various health benefits, such as joint pain relief, helping with sleep issues, improving overall skin appearance, and other therapeutic benefits.

Interest in CBD products has increased research, and the FDA approved the first CBD-based drug for treating epilepsy in 2018.

CBD can be derived from either hemp or cannabis and hemp-derived CBD is legal in the US because it has less than 0.3% THC. Generally, most CBD is derived from hemp because it has a lower THC concentration and plenty of benefits. 


What Are CBD Roll-Ons?

A CBD roll-on, or CBD roller, is a CBD topical treatment intended to be applied to the skin on inflamed areas or sore muscles to help soothe aches. It comprises a small liquid tube with CBD oil and other ingredients, with a roller ball on top. The ball releases the liquid when you rub the CBD roll-on into the skin.

A CBD roll-on is easy to use and very portable, so you can use it at home, or take it to work, the gym, or anywhere to help provide fast relief to treat pain.

Besides CBD oil, most CBD roll-ons contain other pain-relieving ingredients, such as capsaicin, arnica, and menthol, which provide a cooling sensation. There’s also hemp seed, coconut oil, and other essential oils like tea tree oil or peppermint oil blended for therapeutic purposes. 

Depending on the other ingredients, CBD roll-ons can provide a warming or cooling sensation. You can also alternate between warming and cooling CBD roll-ons for quicker muscle recovery. CBD roll-ons are especially popular among athletes because they provide fast relief and have soothing and relieving properties after long periods of physical activity. 

Finally, one advantage of topical CBD roll-ons over CBD creams is their texture. Many CBD creams and other topicals have a grainy texture or feel greasy when applied., and roll-ons are smooth and easier to use.

Are CBD Roll-On Products Safe?

Are CBD Roll-On Products Safe?

CBD roll-ons and, in general, CBD products are safe to use.

CBD has none or very few side effects. The research found that even large doses, such as 1,500 mg of CBD taken daily for a few weeks, are well-tolerated by many with no adverse reactions.

In case there are side effects, these are mild, such as:

  • Fatigue 
  • Loss of appetite
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea

These side effects mostly happen with orally taken CBD products. It is rare to experience side effects with a CBD roll-on stick.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from the list of prohibited substances, and it’s now completely safe for athletes to use CBD topicals. 

Note: Avoid applying CBD topicals, including a CBD roll-on stick, on broken skin, and avoid CBD roll-ons with allergens and irritants if you are sensitve to certain ingredients.


How Do CBD Roll-Ons Work?

CBD roll-ons work by influencing the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system is a network that stretches all over our bodies and carries out cell signaling. 

You apply CBD topical products such as CBD roll-on to the trouble spot. The CBD oil absorbs quickly into the skin and interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

When the skin absorbs the CBD treatment through skin pores, it reaches the body cells, muscles, and joints, where it can relieve minor aches and provide cooling relief.

CBD roll-on works by activating the endocannabinoid receptors, which control pain and inflammation.

How Do CBD Roll-Ons Work?

CBD Roll-On For Pain Relief

CBD is proven to provide pain relief, and can lower pain transmission to the brain and reduce inflammation.  

CBD topicals, including CBD roller, work for localized problems. 

Here’s how to use pain relief CBD roll-on:

  • Apply to the affected area to treat pain — Keep in mind pain doesn’t always come from where you feel it. Identify where your pain is coming from and apply CBD roll-on there. Apply using circular motions without putting too much pressure. Expect to feel a warming or cooling sensation.
  • Use the right amount — Start with a small dose, such as 20 mg CBD, and gradually apply more CBD roll-on stick until you find the dosage that works best for you.
  • Keep the CBD roll-on clean — You will use the CBD oil roll-on repeatedly, so ensure the skin area is clean before each use.


Where To Buy CBD Roll-On Products?

You can buy CBD oil roll-on products online or in stores. 

If you do an online search, you will likely be overwhelmed with the amount of CBD roll-on brands. Here’s what to keep in mind when shopping for CBD roll-on products:

  • Ingredients — Look for CBD roll-on with natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, menthol, essential oils, and more. A CBD roll-on with natural ingredients is more likely to provide muscle pain relief than one with additives and fillers.
  • Third-party tested — Check if the vendor’s brand has been third-party tested. They should have up-to-date certificates of analysis on their website. This independent lab report verifies CBD oil roll-on is potent and has natural ingredients.
  • Check the extraction process — The best is CO2 extraction because it’s safest, and it retains all cannabinoids present in full and broad-spectrum CBD.


What are CBD Roll-Ons: Final Thoughts

CBD rollers can provide targeted pain and cooling relief to the human body to treat various symptoms. You can use topical CBD rollers to treat pain and sore muscles or even use them as a calming tool for your relaxation therapy. The best CBD roll-on is manufactured with natural ingredients, such as essential oils and aloe vera, and is third-party tested.

Apply CBD roll-on for pain relief to the affected area from where the pain is coming from, start with a small dose, and make sure to buy from reputable sellers. 

You may consider speaking with a health professional to help find the best CBD roll-on that works for you to get rid of joint pain forever.

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